Architecture needs definition. There is no architecture without defining how to give birth (generate, create, give idea and meaning, give form) to architectural entities and artefacts.

Every architect is evaluated through her ideas, intentions, concepts and buildings. After the birth of modernism we have seen a movement of superficial WOW! architecture without any specific meaning or higher quiddity. The hero architect was born. Now, when anything is possible, architects have to turn to the basics: to find the original form for dwelling and existence.

During the next transition phase of architecture we need theories, manifestos, movements and actions of senior masters guiding architects to create Architecture 2.0.


Architecture is αρχι– (archi-) + τεκτων (tekton), the superior and prior + master of any art (author, creator, planner, carpenter, builder).

To reach architectural level when concepting, designing and constructing a building the creation process and architectonic entities has to be on αρχι– and τεκτων level. This means:

  • that none of the practical efforts {concepting, designing and constructing} can be mediocre (but αρχι– and τεκτων)
  • that the creation process and architectonic entities can´t be mediocre (but αρχι– and τεκτων).

Other construction except architecture – is art of building – Baukunst (Ger.), byggnadskonst (Swe.), byggekunst (Nor.), bouwkunde (Ned.), rakennustaide (Fin.), ehituskunst (Est.), or even lower level construction like rapid resettlement, styling, prettification, pictorial and visual design of buildings.

Arcitect Risku’s motto “All is enough” comes from the idea that all efforts, sensitivity, knowledge, love, contextual endorsement, understanding and skills are needed to reach architectural standard. Also all ideas and drawn sketches are needed within every sole project. Nothing less is needed.

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