Architecture & Rock ’n roll

Rock musicians and celebrities need better homes

1. Old School thinking — Rock’n Roll and homes in conflict

Rock musicians, ICT millionaires and award-winning actors have usually to choose between pompous and rediculous and pathetic houses. Either they can buy old droppings of other musicians and actors or they ask some mediocre architects to design a stupid and inconvenient house for themselves.

Picture: ”Why best music has pompous homes?” (Juhani Risku, architect, acoustician, 2012). There is an enormous conflict between best music, musicians and their homes. Why does Sting live in a Yummy-yummy castle? Is Elton John really happy in a Chicken Dance apartment? We must help our best musicians to get good homes.

Artists, musicians, actors, ICT billionaires and celebrities choose usually mediocre and boring and pompous houses. In fact, there are two criteria which judge the value of human beings: the way you live and the way you die. Between those two criteria there are more sub-criteria: how you spend your millions, how you sleep, how you make love, how you treat your friends, what you eat and do you understand this. Let’s have a look:

Michael Jordan, bouncing balls Michael Jordan, ball man

Cindy, a face Cindy Crawford, a woman´s face

Madonna, an oldish woman Madonna, a bit oldish woman

Elton John-home Monstrous homes of celebrities.

Proletarian Finnish sauna and Michael Strahan, and his $US million investment. Michael Strahan and  $16 million sauna.

Those pompous buildings are not homes, especially for creation of rock music or any art and innovations. Monstrous houses of musicians, artists and celebrities are from the era of intellectual stagnation, life of dead [wo]man walking and mental death. We have to do something before they kick the bucket. Architecture can save Rock’n Roll, art, innovation and business.

2. Architecture helping Rock’n Roll

Artists, musicians, actors, celebrities and business people need trusted architects to design rock hard houses for themselves. In an architectonicl house your life is better, you can feel youself closer to nature, you have better sex and you can luxuriate in drink and food.

Picture:  ”Best musicians need proper homes!” (Juhani Risku, architect, acoustician, 2012). Contemporary Rock’n Roll is so good that it challenges architects to create architecture of the same kind. Rock musicians would certainly understand heavy rock architects. But where are they, I mean heavy rock architects and their companions, rock artists?

But where to find those architects? What is architecture? Is it that simple, just google for them? No, there are seven (7) architects always out there, if one dies one pops up. It´s zero sum game, there is room for just seven coeval architects. Most of them are on the lam. But there are thousands of humbugs at your service.

This is a site for musicians and celebrities to find plans and forms for better homes and strongholds for Rock’n Roll creation.

ArchitectureRock homes are also  profitable investments because there is a limited number of realized ones. Serie 47/47 is closed in two years and continued with Serie ƒ(mist).

3rd Mar 2012,  Juhani Risku, architect, acoustician, Helsinki Finland