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New data found (answers to questions on red) July 22th 2017

1 . Germaine Anciaux, artiste-peintre, Bruxelles, 1905-1999, who, when?

This is a painting bought in Paris year 1994. The signature is Germaine and “Onciani-Osiciane-Oriciani-Anicianyor something similar Anciaux. Here some facts and photos:

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  • Size 112 x 87 cm2
  • Oil on canvas
  • Style/genre primitive art, fauvism (e.g. Matisse’s Dance and Marc Chagall)
  • Topic 1: Four little girls dance, in pairs facing, two by two, on a meadow with flowers (20), two blonds and two brunettes
  • Topic 2: Girls are dancing in pairs, hands/palms like in Charlestone dance
  • Topic 3: Birds eye perspective from ~4 meters distance, ~2,5 meters hight
  • Colours: darkish selection of green, brown and blue (no bright clear colour set), some dots of yellow and set of light blue, dryish use of colours (no linen oil, no turpentine, colour direct from the tube)
  • Elegant signature “Germaine Anciaux“, no year or date. Germaine signed with 2,5 mm flat brush, surname with 2,5 mm round brush. Possible year is apprx. 1932 like her Annunciatie in België 1932  (Mary’s annuciation in a Belgian village)
  • Framing and canvas at Ateliers Mommen, Brussels (stamp behind, two last photos)
  • Web page on Sjoerd van Meteren‘s site about Germaine Ancieux

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