Criticism Critique, Immanuel Kant, Aristoteles, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Sartre, Juhani Risku, Laïa Karelïa on criticism

The idea of criticism follows formula:

  1. To see and understand
  2. To comment and guide and support
  3. To educate, lead and care
  4. To achieve greater good together
  5. To support intellectual independence (of individuals)

Definition of Criticism

Criticism is the ability “to separate, to decide, to comprehend or to judge“. When somebody has ability to comprehend and separate she has ability to envision, create, construct and cultivate the substance. To cultivate means to sow. To sow means to grow. To grow means to mow. To mow means to thresh. To thresh means to grind. To grind means to bake. To bake means to mould. To mould means to form.

To form means to give form. To give form means formgiving. Formgiving = intention + libido + ability + future + care + independence + respect + carry on. Carry on means to guide the next generation. To guide means to care, tell, separate and comprehend. It means even to judge and criticise.

Criticism is Caring

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