Risku Design

Risku Design™ is the company and trademark consisting of all business activities and trades with its products, services, solutions, and patents made by Mr. Juhani Risku, architect, acoustician, and industrial designer.

The logo of Risku Design™, 1977, 1986, 2003, 2020.

Risku Design™ was established in the year 1977. The company has located in Finland, France, Lapland, and Norway:

  • Finland  1977…1989, 1994…2009, 2017…2020 [Tampere, Högfors]
  • France    1989…1994    [Paris]
  • Lapland  2009…2014   [Inari, Ivalo]
  • Norway   2015…2017    [Trondheim]


Risku Design™ works in the areas of Art, Architecture, Arts & Crafts, and Design. The widest portfolio of the works and activities of Risku Design is presented on ArchitectureRock Web pages. Other pages of Risku Design are as follows:

Typically all areas of Art, Architecture, Arts & Crafts, and Design scale in size, magnitude, culture and human mind. E.g. architecture scales to city planning and structural components, to theater and anything connected to the notions αρχι– (archi-) + τεκτων (tekton), the superior and prior + master of any art and activity. Architecture also scales to acoustics, interior design and construction business.