Architecture sets

Juhani Risku has prepared several architecture sets for education.  These sets have been used with architect and design students at Tampere University of Technology, Aalto University, University of Lapland and Sara Hildén Academy. Sets have also been used as material when educating home builders at hardware store Starckjohann Builder’s School (Stark). Drama and scenography students at Tampere University Drama studio got their scenography set, an application of he original set .

Architect’s Box

The architectural basic set consists of hundreds of small things (called Things), and geometrical and structural forms. Every student collected an own set of Things and built both geometric solids and human being in action sets.

15_Architecture-Rock-Architect-Designer-acoustician-Juhani-Risku-Education-set-Things  15_Architecture-Rock-Architect-Designer-acoustician-Juhani-Risku-Education-set-Man-and-space-detail-7   15_Architecture-Rock-Architect-Designer-acoustician-Juhani-Risku-Education-set-Man-and-space-detail-8   15_Architecture-Rock-Architect-Designer-acoustician-Juhani-Risku-Education-set-Man-and-space-detail-5   15_Architecture-Rock-Architect-Designer-acoustician-Juhani-Risku-Education-set-Man-and-space   15_Architecture-Rock-Architect-Designer-acoustician-Juhani-Risku-Education-set-Man-and-space-detail-1   15_Architecture-Rock-Architect-Designer-acoustician-Juhani-Risku-Education-set-Man-and-space-detail-2   15_Architecture-Rock-Architect-Designer-acoustician-Juhani-Risku-Education-set-Things-details

Pictures: Risku’s set of Things, geometric solids and human being in action sets. Notice that the sets are from year 1986 when no such solids were available at the shops. This Architect’s Box course has been one of the most popular for students of any age.

The Architect’s Box is an application of professor, ceramist Mrs. Kyllikki Salmenhaara’s invention. She required that each of her ceramist students at the art school Ateneum (Aalto University) makes a Ceramists’s Box with all clay species, engobes, glasures and firing grades.

Miniature Buildings

Miniature buildings are made in scale 1:200…1:1000. They are planned in any scale but downsized to the build a model in (really) small scale. When planning in small scale the precision of drawing matters. The thin and thick lines as well as the line weight and dash matter. Even the colour gets a meaning.

Function as the relation between the human and the World

Function and functionality has different meaning and connotations. Function is a constant law of variation and functionality are the features and actions of a system. If the human being is the constant law, everything made for the human being varies. As an example, we need different sizes and models of chairs, because we people are different. Here the chair gets its variations when we allow the human being stay as is. The chair is the variable.

Architect’s 3D photos of World Architecture

Juhani Risku has a 3D stereo slide collection for educational use of more than 25 000 stereo pairs. They have been photoshooted with the best equipment from year 1981 like Canon F-1 and TS 24mm/3.5 lens to year 2016 with Canon EOS-1 V and TS-E TS 24mm/3.5 (analog slide film cameras).

15_Architecture-Rock-3D stereo-picture-collection-24x36-mm-perspective-correction-Juhani-Risku-architect-acoustician-designer-1981-2016-Canon-F-1-EOS-1-V-TS-FD-E-24mm

All pictures have both perspective and colour correction. Usually the white balance has been corected with Kodak Wratten 81A…81EF or 82A…82C. When colour conversion needed between daylight and tungsten films the filters were 80A and 85B. The viewing set is made of two Agfa Gucki viewers put together. It imitates the View-Master set but Gucki pair has better picture quality because of the original slides and their bigger size (24 x 36 mm versus 10.5 x 11.75 mm).

The stereo pictures can also been shown with two identical projectors when the slides are projected on a silver screen and polarization filters and spectacles are used.

Risku’s pictures consist of the architecture of Alvar Aalto, Reima Pietilä, Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis I. Kahn, Le Corbusier, Renzo Piano, Norman Foster, Richard Rogers, Antonio Gaudi, Claude Nicolas Ledoux, Santiago Calatrava, Frank Gehry, Imre Makovecz, Gerrit Rietveld, Jean Nouvel, Christian de Portzamparc, Berndt Tschumi, Juha Leiviskä, Philip Johnson, John Portman, Richard Meier, Mies van der Rohe, Peter Behrens, and many other. Also Risku’s own works are documented on 3D stereo pictures during the whole construction process (Tuulisiipi, Stone Chapel, Högfors Sauna, Högfors Ironworks, Villa Paletti, all his exhibitions).