Fuzzy Front End Design

Design course at the University of Jyväskylä

The “Fuzzy Front End Design” project course is a hands-on course that focuses on the early stages of a product development process and the design of software-intensive, physical products. The course covers current, emerging and disruptive technologies and product design: Radical innovations; Serendipity, Fuzzy Front End Phase in Product Development: Conceptualization, Sketching, Design, Visualization, Prototyping and MVP Implementation are the subject of exercises. Fuzzy Front End is the funniest and the best phase in product and service development: something new and great is created.


The “Fuzzy Front End” project course prepares and encourages students to visualize, ideas, design, conceptualize and shape objects, services, and systemic entities. In this way, the course fits all the students of the university from all faculties, as visioning, designing and creating new is the right and differentiating skill of the humanist, sociologist, psychologist, teacher, writer, mover, mathematician, physicist and folklorist.


  • Handling of uncertainties
  • Iteration and prototyping
  • Identification of stakeholder needs
  • Critical assumptions and their validation
  • Analysis of the target area
  • Defining needs and requirements based on anthropological criteria
  • Cynefin and Lean models for technology design and management
  • Future Forecasting methods and simulations for problem solving
  • Design Thinking, service design, industrial design, personal drafting and drawing

After completing the project, the student will be familiar with the different forms, practices and methods of design, both in terms of conceptualization, physical product design, service design and design leadership. S/he knows the design team’s roles and responsibilities, can structure and lead the team. The student is able to evaluate the software needs of the user and the user interface and assemble the team to implement it. The work done during the course prepares the student to make visualizations, posters, prototype prototypes and appear as an expert on their products.

Fuzzy Front End Engineering by professor Martin Steinert, NTNU Norway: