NTNU new Campus

Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU in Trondheim is going to get a new campus at present Gløshaugen and Trondheim city. This enormous construction happens in 25-35 years and with billions of Euros. The NTNU campus effort equals to building a city for thousands of people.

The new Campus at Gløshaugen is one of the largest projects in time, investment, effort and challenge in Scandinavia. Within planned 25-35 years much more can be done than brick and mortar in a waterfall processNew agile and lean ways from software engineering can be applied  like concepting, simultaneous  realisation and disruptive thinking.

The NTNU Academic City – the Campus, applies software thinking, design thinking and disruptive thinking  which can be  crystallised  in one word: programming. When programming includes visions, ideas, concepts, planning, design, processes, leadership, manufacturing and maintenance, it fits perfectly to the future of large construction projects. By programming the Campus is built quicker and we get plenty of by-products: e.g. ship industry and know-how export appear.

16_Academic-Campus-NTNU-In-Action-Trondheim-Gloshaugen-Juhani-Risku-Outi-Alapekkala-A4Campus under and above

Planning with the Programming Gear begins year 2017. All initial plans made (Ramboll, Meti-er, Eggen…) form a base to be transformed into this new posture. When building a new Campus in 10-12 years it is not solely a traditional build-and-run function. A decade, a university and 40 000 participants can do more: The idea of Smart City gets a new abstraction, and NTNU becomes more known than “Stanfords” ever.


Nature of the project and academic commitment

The new Campus is the Kiruna effort of Trondheim. In Kiruna Sweden they move a whole city in a decade, so why couldn’t we build a Campus in a decade! We move the City and NTNU to a new era and abstraction. We jump over Stanford, Oxford, MIT et.al in innovation, competence, commitment, research, development, art, drama and civil courage.

Here the Campus is planned and built by professionals and NTNU people. Only the best profs who can compress the original 25-35 years to 10 years join the work. Every NTNU person participates the project in a planned way. Commitment and excellence become driving forces  for fluence and quality of the Campus setup. Citizens and the media has an important role during the process.

Ideas, sketches, solutions, by-products and competitiveness

16_NTNU-Campus-hill-construction-plan-Gloshaugen-By-products-new-businesses-commitment-Juhani-Risku-Outi-AlapekkalaBy-products created during the Campus construction makes Trondheim and NTNU the most interesting places in Scandinavia. By applying Software-Design-Disruptive thinking a.k.a. Programming we’ll get the Academia, Trondheim city and citizens and local industries to work together. Commiment, collaboration and creation are common notions to build the Campus quicker and in better quality.

16_NTNU-Campus-hill-construction-plan-Gloshaugen-plan-view-Nansen-Science-Park-Trollscape-Juhani-Risku-Outi-Alapekkala   16_NTNU-Campus-hill-construction-plan-Gloshaugen-Factory-In-Ship-by-products-Juhani-Risku-Outi-Alapekkala

Left: Shopping, Nansen Science Park and Trollscape. Campus Shopping is on the Elgeseter side of the hill, it means some hundreds of meters from Trondheim center. No petrol pendeling anymore. Nansen Science Park is the best showroom ever for NTNU’s research, development, technologies, art and drama. 100 000 vistors annually. In Trollscape Norwegian culture is dramatised for children, families and tourists, 200 000 visitors annually. Right: Factory-In-Ship FISh terminal is in Trondheim Port, Nidelelva estuary. Here for 10 years mobile floating factories produce material, elements and components to Campus building site. The cruiser hotel ships inhabit all workforce needed, and a dozen of restaurants serve best food.

16_Academic-Campus-NTNU-In-Action-Trondheim-Gloshaugen-Juhani-Risku-Outi-Alapekkala-A4   16_Academic-Campus-NTNU-In-Action-Trondheim-Gloshaugen-Juhani-Risku-Outi-Alapekkala-A0

Left: A4 description page of The NTNU Academic City – the Campus. Right: A0 poster of The NTNU Academic City – the Campus. Juhani Risku and Outi Alapekkala, 2016 NTNU and In Action.


The Campus concept planners and designers:


In Action Architecture, Trondheim, Helsinki

  • Mr. Juhani Risku, architect, acoustician, designer, NTNU
    • Chief architect, CEO
    • Architecture, acoustics, conceptual planning
    • Urban planning, traffic
    • Industrial management, logistics, new technologies & industries
    • Industry contacts (innovation, development, business models)
    • Media relations (en, se, no, fi, Sami)
  • Ms. Outi Alapekkala, MSc (Pol, lang.), IEP diplomée, Sciences Po Paris
    • Chief urbaniste, Chief Interest Officer CIO
    • Business planning, trades and services, employment
    • Societal and political science innovation and development
    • Conceptual design, university contacts
    • EU policies, actions and contacts
    • Media relations (en, fr, fi, se, es, ru, de, no)