Risku at offices

Juhani Risku has worked in several architect’s offices in Finland. The work profiles start from apprenticeships to a practicing team member.

Architect acoustician’s apprenticeship

During the work session at Halme Acoustics the projects varied from Alvar Aalto’s and Reima Pietilä’s architecture and best Finnish architectural competition winning cultural buildings and music halls to Heikki Siren‘s Baghdad Conference Palace, his Tripoli Conference Centre (Ark 1983 :5-6), and Timo Penttilä‘s Bahrain Cultural Center. The big halls of these buildings were for 2000-3500 persons each.

Architect town planner’s apprenticeship

The biggest Finnish architects’ office between early 1980’s and mid 1990’s was Suunnittelurengas Oy (Cooplan Consultants ltd.), today Ramboll Finland. Suunnittelurengas acted on all building design areas: architecture, urban planning, structural engineering, interior design and landscape design. Also factory design and logistics center planning were in the focus.

Risku participated in a five person innovation team for architect, professor Matti K. Mäkinen. The main projects were a large visionary planning project to Sörnäinen quarters in Helsinki, and the Stockmann department store competition on Helsinki. Matti K, as we called the professor, was during that time the chair of SAFA, architect-professor at the University of Oulu, and soon the president of the  National Board of Public Building (today Senaatti Properties). Matti K was the best mentor and patron for young architects. He was strict but supportive, he gave all responsibility to the youngsters, and stayed on the background to give advice when needed.

Project architect – Architectural competitions, town planning

15_Architecture-Rock-Architectural-Sornainen-map-kartta-Stockmann-urban-town-planning-Helsinki-Rounded-corner-Juhani-Risku-Matti-K-Mäkinen-Coolplan-consultants-ltd-Suunnittelurengas-1  15_Architecture-Rock-Architectural-Sornainen-map-kartta-Stockmann-urban-town-planning-Helsinki-Rounded-corner-Juhani-Risku-Matti-K-Mäkinen-Coolplan-consultants-ltd-Suunnittelurengas


15_Architecture-Rock-Architectural-competition-context-Stockmann-warehouse-extension-Helsinki-Rounded-corner-Juhani-Risku-Matti-K-Mäkinen-Coolplan-consultants-ltd-Upper-class-copyright-Vastavalo  15_Architecture-Rock-Architectural-competition-Stockmann-warehouse-extension-Helsinki-Rounded-corner-Alvar-Aalto-1961   15_Wulffinkulma-Stockmann-Helsinki-Gullichsen-JRI   15_Architecture-Rock-Architectural-competition-Stockmann-warehouse-extension-Helsinki-Rounded-corner-Juhani-Risku-Matti-K-Mäkinen-Coolplan-Svenska-Teater-Helsingfors-1

Pictures: Architectural competition Stockmann warehouse extension. Proposal ”Rounded corner”(big picture above), by Juhani Risku, Matti K. Mäkinen, Coolplan consultants ltd. (upper class). Aerial view of the new Stockmann (left), Alvar Aalto’s proposal, 1961 (drawing in the middle), Stockmann today by Christian Gullichsen (right).

Risku’s proposal replaced the old Wulff Corner house with two rounded shapes following both Alvar Aalto’s proposal’s rectangular morphology from year 1961 (above) and applying scale and propositions from the Academic Bookshop by Aalto (1969), and adopting rounded forms from the Swedish theater, Svenska teatern, by  G. T. Chiewitz (1860).

Project architect – head office, hotel and factories


Image: Saarioinen Head office, Penark Oy architects and engineers, Tampere. Image © Saarioinen. 

Suunnittelu Penttilä (Penttilä Design, today Penark Oy) is an architect’s and engineer’s office in Tampere with remarkable projects from public buildings, housing, renovations to factories. Penark Oy is, and has been, an ideal setup of a planning and design company: it can realise buildings from the ideation and concepting phase through all architectural and engineering planning to manage the construction process. During the late 1980’s Risku participated as a project architect in Saarioinen head office and Saarioinen’s factory planning. Also Hotel Scandic Tampere was on the planning phase, but after the architect’s drawings the project was postponed.

Picture gallery of the architect

Juhani_Risku_architect_acoustician-just-graduated-1986-wooden-scale-model-Tampere-TUT  Juhani-Risku-architect-stage-designer-costumier-scenographer-Kokkola-city-theater-Tankred-Dorst-The-Curve-Kurve-1996  Juhani_Risku_architect_sauna-scale-model_architecture_design  juhani-risku-architect-acoustician-designer-acoustic-measurements-noise-control-structural-planning-2001  juhani-risku-architect-acoustician-designer-Karkkila-Hogfors-Ironworks-iron-blast-furnace-Industrial-heritage-archaeology-2003  Juhani_Risku_architect_Stone-chapel-Vivamo_architecture_design-Kivikappeli-20-8-2005  juhani-risku-architect-acoustician-designer-NTNU-Trondheim-Bolzano-university-artistic-creation-process-Profes-conference-2015

Photos: Risku with a wooden scale model year 1986 (1, left), on the stage of The Curve year 1996 (2), with Rankkasauna scale model 2000 (3), preparing for acoustic measurements 2001 (4), at Högfors Ironworks construction site 2003 (5), and at Stone Chapel 2005 (6). Risku (NTNU) in Bolzano about artistic creation process (7, right).