Wood Programmes

Juhani Risku has participated in several Finnish, Arctic and Baltic wood construction programmes funded by the Finnish Government and the EU (European Regional Development Fund ERDF). As practical partners in these programmes were TTS research, Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council and the National Board of Antiquitities. The Research and development programmes started from forestry, harvesting, sawmilling, drying and usage of Finnish tree species (below poster 1).

Risku’s role has been in structuring and organising the programmes, acting as an educator, practicing architect and wood craftsman. At his Woodarc cabinet maker’s workshop he acted as an apprentice for cabinet makers, making own prototypes of furniture, wooden boats and wood art.

15_Architecture-Rock-Juhani-Risku-architect-designer-acoustician_Wood_program-1-System  15_Architecture-Rock-Juhani-Risku-architect-designer-acoustician_Wood_program-2-four-buildings  15_Architecture-Rock-Juhani-Risku-architect-designer-acoustician_Wood_program-3_Details_Bjork  15_Architecture-Rock-Juhani-Risku-architect-designer-acoustician_Wood_program-4_Contex

Four posters: The Wood Programme 1996-2005, Government of Finland. Risku’s strategy and detailed plan.

Högfors Ironworks restauration programme 1996-2000

Architect Risku was the designer and architect of the Högfors Ironworks restauration programme in Karkkila Finland. The programme was funded by the EU and hosted by the National Board of Antiquitities.

Old wooden structures with joints were applied and historical wood crafting methods were used at the Högfors Ironworks. Also timber transportation with old methodes were used.

New hewing hatchets, similar to Buffalo Tool Forge’s, were made by blacksmith and foundryman Kari Lahti.

Wood collecting with in Högfors historical methods. Winter cutting and 2 years drying. Image: Administration of Forests Finland, Metsähallitus.

Högfors Ironworks blast furnace scale model 1:50 (J. Risku). 0,3 x 0,3 x 10 m³ hewed timber structure, 12 different historical wood joints.









Four images: Wooden structures, joints and timber crafting at Högfors Ironworks restauration project.