Architectural morphology

Architecture is αρχι– (archi-) + τεκτων (tekton), the superior and prior + master of any art (author, creator, planner, carpenter, builder).

To reach the architectural level when concepting, designing and constructing a building the creation process and architectonic entities has to be on αρχι– and τεκτων level. This means:

  • that none of the practical efforts (concepting, designing and constructing) can be mediocre (but αρχι– and τεκτων)
  • that the creation process and architectonic entities can’t be mediocre (but αρχι– and τεκτων).

Architecture is very rare and exceptional (apprx. 0,0001 % of annual total construction  every 10000th house may fairly reach 70-80 % of the architectonic criteria).

Formula: Architectonic Coefficient = [(αρχι– and τεκτων buildings) : (whole personal building portfolio) added with + (plus) if the architect has an identified written or interpreted theory and fundamentally original and unique architectural ideas and concepts].

Every architect has an architectonic coefficient (slider) between 0 and 100. Comparison between Aalto and Pietilä made by the efficiency of architectural level buildings contra built dead weight and ideas, thinking and theories:

  • Alvar Aalto: 45 + (~ 20 architectural buildings: altogether ~ 400 buildings and certain fragmental ideas and concepts)
  • Reima Pietilä: 82 + (~18 architectural buildings: altogether ~ 22 buildings and a theory and concepts).

This very strict, severe and unbribable definition of architecture rules out, sad to say, most of the educated and practising architects, schools and departments of architecture and the architects’ societies and magazines are downgraded to Baukunst level.

The architects’ community should start a profound and thorough renewal of education and publishing conventions. Open discussion should lead to actions: new courses and workshops, retirement of young and old but non-architects, experienced 80 + level architects to coach and educate youngsters, ramp down of pseudo societies and magazines.

This could start a new epoch of diverse and joyful architecture with better quality and match for human beings. This renewal would be revolutionary with enormous impacts and consequences, good for everyone and bad for some.

11.8.2008 Laïa Karelïa alias Juhani Risku